GIMAF Update June 2021 – Trade opportunities continue developing

GIMAF met with the Australian Ambassador to Mexico, Remo Moretta (pictured), to discuss Mexico’s growing interest in Australian grain. Work is also occurring on the potential for wheat to Brazil, Pakistan is improving fumigation options, Australia has taken the next step on the WTO barley case, and what about the new UK Free Trade Agreement? […]

GIMAF March Update 2021 Special Edition

This global pulse update has been prepared by Pulse Australia and GIMAF, with the support of the Grains Research and Development Corporation, to inform the Australian pulse value chain about the trends and drivers in the global pulse market. The aim is to have a better-informed industry so that grower decisions around pulse area and […]

GIMAF Update March 2021 – Opportunities as markets change

Australia has taken the next step to the WTO on barley, Indian farmers are protesting, new scope exists in export facilitation, be aware if trading to Iran and the March GIMAF Forum outcomes – all appear in the March 2021 GIMAF Update

GIMAF Update December 2020 – WTO action on barley

Australia will appeal the barley case, RCEP signed, India deregulating markets, watch those silo bags. A lot happened in the world of international grain markets in 2020, with the December 2020 GIMAF Update covering some of the key issues.