GIMAF Update December 2020 – WTO action on barley

Australia will appeal the barley case, RCEP signed, India deregulating markets, watch those silo bags. A lot happened in the world of international grain markets in 2020, with the December 2020 GIMAF Update covering some of the key issues.

GIMAF Update November 2020 – Markets focusing on quarantine

Markets are focusing on quarantine more and more. So can it be classed as a non-tariff measure limiting market access? Or simply something up to the customer country to decide? GIMAF (and others) are working on Pakistan, India and China. GIMAF’s November 2020 Update covers all these issues and more.

GIMAF Update September 2020 – India heating up

The market in India is heating up. Tariff changes, discussion on biosecurity improvements, new demand potential – none of them easy, but work in progress – see the GIMAF Update for September 2020.

GIMAF Update July 2020 – India, China, GIMAF mid-year Forum

Market access can be a challenge, yet amidst the economic havoc wreaked by COVID-19 the world still needs food, various export opportunities for Australian grain continue to evolve and good news does appear! To see what GIMAF is talking about, go to GIMAF Update July 2020