Strategic plan

GIMAF and the development of the Grains Industry Market Access Strategic Plan is the cornerstone of the new approach to market access.

The overarching vision:

The Australian grain, fodder and seed industries, in partnership with the Australian Government, will be a leading, proactive negotiator in any market access negotiations.

GIMAF’s mission:

To achieve this proactive stance, the Australian grain, fodder and seed industries, through GIMAF, will:

  • Conduct an annual prioritisation and review of market access applications to ensure strategic targets are relevant for use of Government market access resources
  • Ensure that market access R&D is aligned with the strategic priorities
  • Maintain an industry-wide representative group (Grain Industry Market Access Forum, GIMAF) which will be the primary communications point between government and industry on strategic market access issues
  • Maintain active communications with all industry stakeholders on market access issues to ensure its message is consistent and relevant