GIMAF is made up of industry association members from

  • Australia Grain Exporters Council
  • Australia Fodder Industry Association
  • Australian Oilseeds Federation
  • Australian Seeds Federation
  • Pulse Australia
  • Grain Producers Australia

Board representatives are:

  • Barry Large, Grain Producers Australia (Chair)
  • Nick Goddard, Australian Oilseeds Federation / Pulse Australia
  • Lyndon Asser, Australian Grain Exporters Council
  • Osman Mewett, Australian Seeds Federation
  • John McKew, Australian Fodder Industry Association

The Executive Manager has day–to–day responsibility of managing the committees and operational processes, communicating with industry and government.

The Prioritisation Committee was established in early 2012 to assess market access issues as they are submitted by exporters (including a detailed application questionnaire), rank issues n importance and prioritise for action accordingly.

Due to the specialised nature of the seeds sector, GIMAF will also establish a Seeds Technical Working Group to deal with seeds market access issues.